Lwówek Śląski – Holy Cross Chapel


Chapel of Holy Cross was founded in 1496 within the then parish cemetery. Before it there was a wooden cemetery chapel dedicated to Saint Stephen and Saint Lawrence from the fourteenth century. The main reason for the construction of the new chapel was the reconstruction of the parish church, because masses were held until the end of the work in the chapel. Chapel of Holy Cross in the second half of the 17th century was destroyed, but in 1682 it was rebuilt. Once again partly destroyed in the city fire, in 1752 it was renovated and extended with a sacristy. Currently, it is not used.


The chapel is a aisleless, orientated building erected from sandstone blocks on a rectangular plan and covered with a net vault, supported by brackets, cut in the shape of human heads. To the east is added a later, narrower sacristy annex. Chapel façades are covered with a thick plaster coating. From the west there is a humble portal closed semicircularly, and from the north there is an pointed portal from the time of chapel’s construction. The windows are pointed, set in niches, with partially preserved traceries. During the last renovation works, frescoes from 1520 were unveiled.

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