Łutowiec – castle


   The building was probably founded in the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Due to the total lack of data in medieval documents, neither the founder nor the exact period during which the foundation was established is known. One of the hypotheses says about the investment of king Casimir the Great in relation with strengthening the defense of the border, another assumes the construction of a watchtower later, that is in the 70’s or 80’s of the 14th century by prince Władysław Opolczyk. At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the village passed into the possession of Krystyn from Koziegłowy and perhaps remained in the hands of this family until the end of the castle, which probably took place at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth century.


   A small castle was erected on a rock of 20 meters high. It was built of stone and probably occupied the entire area of the rock. On the north side, a semicircular tower stood, connected by a wall with a guard room. You could get inside using ropes and ladders. Around the rocks, most probably was located the economic outer bailey.

Current state

   The only remaining part of the watchtower is a fragment of a stone wall of 4,5 meters long and 0,6 meters wide, and therefore difficult to get. Admission to the castle relics is free.

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