Lubnów – Holy Trinity Church


   The oldest mention about the church in Lubnów comes from 1313. The current building dates from the end of the fifteenth century, and its founder was Hans von Diebitsch, the owner of local property.


   The church is a late-Gothic, aisleless building, with a later wooden belfry from the west. On the eastern side, the church has a narrower chancel with a three-sided closure and a sacristy added to it from the north. The external façades of the presbytery were reinforced with stepped, rather massive buttresses due to the vault inside.

Current state

   Inside the church that has survived to this day, you can see: a late-Gothic sandstone sacramentary, a late-Gothic sandstone baptismal font with coats of arms around the perimeter of the canopy, and a door with iron fittings from around 1500. Next to the church, there are two lanterns of the dead and a penitential stone from the 15th / 16th century.

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