Lubno – St Joseph’s Church


The church was built at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The first mention of it comes from 1337 from the land register of the margrave of Brandenburg, Ludwik the Elder, that is from the register of villages located in the area of New March, prepared for tax purposes. During the renovation in 1796, the building was plastered, the southern romanesque portal was bricked up, and most of the window openings were transformed. In the 19th century, a neo-romanesque brick sacristy was added to the north side. In 1985-1988 a thorough renovation of the church was made.


It is a orientated, aisleless temple on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 21×12 meters, erected from a granite cubes arranged in a regular thread, without a tower. It is topped with a gable roof. In the southern wall there is an original romanesque portal, currently walled up. In the eastern gable there are three original, narrow window openings.

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