Lubicz – St Judah’s church


   The church in Lubicz was erected in the 13th century. It was ruined in 1945 and rebuilt in 1974-1976.


   The church was built of granite blocks as an aisleless building, orientated, on the projection of an elongated rectangle, without a separate choir. To the west is a massive tower with a wide of nave. The walls consist of 20 layers of granite blocks arranged in regular, horizontal layers. Window openings are slender and lancet, also portals: the main west and side ones from the south and north are pointed.
   The tower, preserved today only halfway up its height, has a gothic, brick superstructure with a square plan. It probably violated the structure of the western wall and as a result it was reinforced with massive buttresses. In each of tower’s facades there is a pair of narrow ogival windows crowned with a cornice, and the west façade is additionally decorated with pairs of ogival blendes.

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