Lubawa – St Anna’s Church


The church was built around 1330. In later years, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times, including after the fires of 1533 and 1545. Larger repairs were also carried out in 1612 and 1778. In 1581, the chapel of St. Barbara was added to the temple from the south, funded by Magdalena Mortęska. In 1600, the sacristy was added and the western gable was rebuilt.


It is an orientated building, with one nave, aisleless, built of brick in the flemish bond. It was built on a rectangular plan with a square tower facing west. In its ground floor there is a porch, which is entered through the pointed portal. The tower is divided by single horizontal blend stripes and covered with a hip roof, ending with flags with bishop’s coats of arms. Facades are reinforced with buttresses and divided with pointed windows in cornice borders. The facades are decorated with a post-ceiling cornice and horizontal blend stripes. The eastern gable is decorated with plastered niches. The nave is closed with a gable roof covered with tiles.

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