Lubań – Trinitarian Tower


   The Trinitarian Tower is the belfry which is the only remnant of the former church of the Holy Trinity. The existence of this temple has been recorded in documents dating back to 1320. It served as the parish church of Lubań, patron’s rights over temple had a monastery of Magdalenki. In the fifteenth century, the romanesque building was rebuilt giving it its gothic features. It was destroyed in a fire in 1760 and has never been rebuilt. Its ruins in 1879 were demolished, only tower was left.


   The tower is founded on a square plan, the top passing into an octagon. Probably only two of its sides were exposed, namely south and west. The remaining ones were connected directly with the main corpus of the temple. The church was an orientated, hall building founded on a cruciform plan in the romanesque or early gothic style. It had three aisles and an extended presbytery.

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