Lubań – Salt House


The Salt House, also known as the Grain House, is a granary erected next to the defensive walls in 1537-1539. Originally, it was meant to store grain and salt, but it also played a part as a part of the town’s defense system. In 1556, it was increased by one floor. Once again, its walls were raised in 1698. In 1807, during the wars fought by Napoleon, a prison for soldiers was established in the walls of the warehouse, and in the first half of the twentieth century it served as a fire station. Currently, it remains undeveloped.


Currently the building is four-storey, built of basalt stone. All store ceilings have a wooden structure and support themselves on timber poles. Individual levels are connect by stairs in the form of ladders based on ceiling beams. A crane was installed inside the Lubań warehouse to allow goods to be loaded or unloaded. Traces of the construction elements of the crane are still visible today. Originally, there had to be a room for the writer and a scale at the ground floor level. The main gate, vaulted with stone blocks, was placed on the north-eastern side of the building.

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