Łobdowo – St Margaret’s Church


   The church in Łobdowo was erected in the second half of the 14th century as a village parish church. In the sixteenth century, the northwest  corner of tower was rebuilt and reinforced with a buttress. In 1665, the church was renovated after damages from the period of Polish-Swedish wars.


   The church was built with stones and bricks, and the elevation is enriched in some places by small pieces of turf ore in the mortar. It consists of a rectangular nave without an externally separated presbytery, a massive four-sided tower on the west side and the sacristy at the north-east corner. The distinctive element is the beautiful stepped eastern gable. It is divided into five columns by slender diagonally positioned pinnacles, topped with brick small roofs. The highest central column in the lower floors contains a small pointed window, and above in four storeys, blendes that are analogous to other columns. The tower is a reconstructed building, probably due to a construction disaster. From the north-east it is strengthened by a prominent buttress. The whole is complemented by irregularly arranged windows and blend openings, and a low hip roof covered with tiles.

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