Lipa – castle


   The castle was built at the end of the 13th or at the beginning of the 14th century, probably at the initiative of one of the Silesian knight families. At the end of the fifteenth century, it passed into the hands of the von Zedlitz family, and in the sixteenth century to the family von Reibnittz and von Niptsch. It turned out to be too modest for the Zeidlitz family, who rebuilt it in the renaissance form. At the end of the 18th century, it declined and was partially demolished. In 1834, count von Stillfried-Rattonitz bought it and rebuilt it in the neo-gothic style. After the Second World War, the residence was once again in ruins.


   In the Middle Ages, the main defensive element was a three-story square tower with sides 7×7 meters, which stone walls in the ground floor reached about 1.5 meters thick. Probably it was covered by a stone oval defensive circuit. Placing the tower on a rocky hill with a steep southern edge, raised its defensive qualities. However, the presence of the lower entrance on the ground level, was a compromise between the defensive and utilitarian character of the building. The ground floor was covered with a stone barrel vault and equipped with a vaulted niche, it had an economic character.
During the sixteenth-century modernization, a staircase was added to the tower, and the whole was incorporated into the renaissance buildings. From the south a house with a kitchen was erected, from the west a gatehouse situated in the curtain wall, from the east and from the north the perimeter was embedded in natural rocks. Located in the western part, the complex of buildings consisted of a room on the trapezium plan and a two-storey building facing north.

Current state

   Currently, the ruin of the castle, being a result of the renaissance and nineteenth-century reconstruction, is in private hands. Unprotected and not renovated, systematically deteriorates.

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