Lidzbark Warmiński – St Peter and Paul Church


   The construction of a brick church on the site of an earlier wooden one, began in the second half of the 14th century. Initially, the temple was given the shape of a basilica. The church tower was erected at the end of the 14th century, and then it was raised in the 15th century and around 1530. From the end of the 14th century, side chapels and a sacristy come from. The church was repeatedly renovated after the fires of 1400, 1442 and 1497. During the reconstruction carried out after the last fire, the the shape of the hall was given. In 1701, a baroque ridge turret and a helmet on the tower were added. In the years 1870-1876 a thorough restoration of the church was carried out, and in the years 1891-1896, a neo-gothic presbytery and porch from the north and south were added to its nave.


   The church of St. Peter and Paul is a late-gothic building, orientated, made of brick. Its shape is three-nave, hall, five-bays, built on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 70×24 meters. On the east side there is rectangular chancel, from the south side there is a two-storey sacristy, and on the western side a five-storey tower, decorated with blendes from the outside of varied forms. From the outside, the corpus is closed with incline buttresses, set diagonally in the corners. The inside of the temple is covered with stellar vaults supported on eight pillars and four, wall-mounted half-piles. Among the oldest and most valuable monuments of the church are: the reliquary of St. Ida from the year 1400, gothic chalices from the fifteenth century and a pax from the thirteenth century.

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