Łekno – church of St John the Baptist


The first historical mention of the village of Łekno comes from 1277, however, the present late gothic parish church was erected in the 15th century. It was rebuilt twice, the first time in the sixteenth century, the second in 1789, when the shape of the upper part of the tower, destroyed by a lightning strike, changed.


The church was built of glacial erratic stones, used in the lower parts of the walls and pedestal as well as bricks in upper parts. The temple is single-nave, orientated, covered with a gable roof, has a three-side ended chancel and the walls are supported by stepped buttresses. Its length is 29 meters, along with 8 meters of the tower. The latter has three floors, marked with a frieze and decorated with blendes. On the south side, a transept – chapel was placed to the nave with dimensions of 6.5 x 7 meters. Inside the church there are rib vaults in the nave and stellar vault in the chapel. The interior furnishings include a gothic font serving as a droplet and two bells from the 16th century.

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