Łęki Górne – St Bartholomew Church


The parish church of St. Bartholomew was built around 1484. At that time, the village was owned by Zaklika Małogórski. In subsequent centuries it was expanded, in the seventeenth century, a sacristy was added, and in the eighteenth century, a tower was added. A thorough renovation of the church was carried out, among others in 1924 and 1932. During this time the portal was removed with the date of church construction. After the Second World War, the church was renovated in 1966. At that time, a new interior polychrome was made.


It is a aisleless, wooden church with a log construction of timbered walls. It is composed of a three-side ended chancel and a wider nave, which preserved its original gothic character. From the west to the nave is added an eighteenth-century baroque tower. It has been erected in a pole construction and has sloping walls with an overhanged porch. The interior supported by six pillars is covered with flat ceilings. Two, gothic pointed portals from the end of the 15th century have also been preserved in the church.

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