Łęg Probostwo – St Catherine’s church


The construction of the church of St. Catherine began in 1409 from the building of the chancel, to which around 1470 a nave was added, founded by Mikołaj Dołęga, a canon of Płock. In the sixteenth century, three pairs of brick columns supporting timber ceiling were added. The renovation of the temple was carried out in 1712, 1725, 1817-1825 and 1870-1875. The last renovation connected with the church’s regothisation, during which the columns were removed, was made in the years 1977-1987.


The church consists of a rectangular nave and an older, also rectangular chancel. The nave is preceded by a tower of equal height. A vestry and a treasury were added to the presbytery from the north. The walls of the temple are lined with numerous buttresses and narrow windows, some of which have an ogival shape. Between the windows the façades are decorated with blendes with shapes similar to windows. On the axis of the west façade and in the south elevation there are brick, profiled portals. The eastern wall of the chancel is adorned by a late-gothic stepped gable with pinnacles and ogival blendes. Similar is on the west side of the church. The interior of the nave is covered by a timber flat ceiling.

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