Lębork – city defensive walls


Brick walls in Lębork were built in 1341 – 1363 on the initiative of the Teutonic Order.


The fortifications were built of brick with the monk and flemish bond. The total length of the defensive wall was 1200 meters and its height was 6 meters. It did not have battlement. It was reinforced with 29 half towers, open from the city side, and three corner towers with a closed structure. The towers were located between 22 and 30 meters apart. Two gates led to the town: Gdańsk Gate and Słupsk Gate.

Current state

To this day, significant fragments of the medieval fortifications of Lębork survived. Two preserved corner towers and the No. 24 half tower stand out among them. In 2009-2010 the Lębork fortifications were restored and partially reconstructed.

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