Łasin – St Catherine’s Church


The construction of the brick church of St. Catherine in place of an old wooden church was begun in 1320, and completed in 1328. It was erected in the southern part of the town at the gate called the South, where it bordered with the city walls. The church was expanded in 1568, which is confirmed by a tin flag with the date at the eastern gable. In 1628, during the Thirty Years War, the Swedes burnt the entire city together with the church, from which only the walls of the nave remained. After several years, the presbytery was rebuilt and the church was completely rebuilt only in 1710-1719. In 1848 a porch was added from the north. Since then, its gothic silhouette with late renaissance and baroque elements has not changed.


The church is orientated, made of red brick, in older parts in the monk bond, and later in the flemish bond. The length of the entire building is 54×21 meters. The rectangular, three-nave and three-span corpus is buttressed. From the eastern side there is a straight ended chancel, originally three-span, in 1647 extended by a sacristy in the south-eastern corner. The pointed window openings in the nave are separated with similar blendes. Above the current entrance, from the southern side is the outline of the original pointed entrance. The eastern gable of the nave is triangular, in the lower part of the brick, in the upper of frame structure with three pointed windows. The western façade is topped by a late renaissance top and the original, profiled entrance portal.

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