Łagoszów Wielki – St Michael’s Church


   The first record of the existence of the parish in Łagoszów comes from 1376. The present church was probably built from the 15th century. In the first half of the sixteenth century, it passed into the hands of Lutherans who made its reconstruction. After the end of religious conflicts, the church was handed over to Catholics in 1654. The next reconstruction of the church took place in 1663. During the World War II, the building was completely devastated.


   The church was built of erratic stones and bricks. It consists of a rectangular nave and a narrower, pentagonal chancel. A lofty tower was added on the western side of the nave. The nave has a flat ceiling, while the chancel, thanks to the reinforcement of external buttresses, could have been vaulted.

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Website radwanice.pl, arafia pw. Św. Michała Archanioła w Łagoszowie Wielkim.