Kwidzyn – Bishop’s Castle


   The castle was founded by the Teutonic Knights around 1233 on a hill located southwest of the later town. The original wooden walls of the fortifications were destroyed by the Prussians in 1242. Another brick building started to be built in 1242. In 1250, the Teutonic Knights handed over the castle to the Pomezanian bishop, who resided there until 1520, when the building was destroyed by Polish troops.


   The castle was situated on a promontory of a hill, which was cut off from the rest of the area by a ditch. The irregular arrangement consisted of two wings adjacent to each other at right angle. The southern building was strengthened by two four-sided towers. The third tower, founded on a circle plan, was located at the west wing in the safest place of the area. Perhaps it served as a bergfried, at the same time flanking the entrance gate through the west wing.

Current state

   There are no visible relics left of the castle. Admission to the area where it once was is free.

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