Kurzelów – collegiate of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The Gothic collegiate church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected in 1360 by bishop Jarosław Bogoria Skotnicki. At the collegiate school functioned, thanks to which the city became a center of science and culture and in which it was educated, among others, the astronomer and mathematician Jan Brożek. In the 17th century, the sacristy and the chapel were added to the church from the north. The south porch was built in the 19th century.


   The church was built of bricks, as a one-nave, two-bay building, erected on a square plan with a narrower and significantly elongated chancel, closed in the east with polygon. A sacristy was placed on the northern side, and the entire building was clasped with densely spaced buttresses due to the vaults in the interior. Inside, the nave was covered with a palm vault based on one pillar, consisting of two western cross-rib bays and eastern bays topped with three-support vaults. The chancel was covered in two rectangular bays with a cross-rib vault, while the eastern closure with a cross vault with an additional transverse rib and two additional short eastern ribs.

Current state

   Today, the church is a beautiful example of a Gothic building that has mostly retained its original appearance. In its interior, the vault of the nave and the Gothic, brass baptismal font from 1414, which according to tradition, was created as a votive offering for the victory at the Battle of Grunwald, are particularly noticeable.

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