Kurkocin – St Bartholomew’s church


The gothic church in Kurkocin was built in the mid-fourteenth or early fifteenth century. The first time was mentioned in 1414. It was rebuilt several times and renovated.


It is a brick construction made of brick zendrówka on a stone foundation. The shape of the church was erected on a rectangular plan, with a square tower passing through the octagonal part of the roof. To the north wall adjoins the sacristy erected in the 17th century. At the point where the northern wall of the tower meets the western side of the nave, there is a stair turret. The walls of the nave are topped with a plastered frieze, and the eastern wall with a triangular gable from the 19th century. The window and door openings of the nave are pointed. The entrance to the undertower porch is closed semicircularly. Under the tower there is an pointed, richly profiled portal, and in the southern wall there is a trace of the walled portal. The interior of the church was covered with a barrel vault in the 16th century. In the sacristy there is a barrel-groin vault, and under the tower there is a rib vault.

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