Krzyżanowo – St Barbara’s Church


   The construction of St. Barbara’s church in Krzyżanowo began in 1325-1330, when the chancel and sacristy were established. At the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century, the nave was probably built. Along with the construction of the church, a cemetery was established, the borders of which were designated by a brick wall from the same time. In 1688 a free-standing belfry burnt down at the church. The new one was built in 1735, but in 1818 it collapsed, partially destroying the western gable of the temple. In the first half of the 19th century, a new belfry was erected, and in 1857 a new south porch was built. During World War II, the church was not destroyed.


   The Gothic church is a brick building, only the west wall on the inner side is of a timber-frame construction. It was erected on a rectangular plan, enlarged by a narrower, rectangular chancel, to which the sacristy adjoins to the north. The nave, chancel and sacristy are covered with a joint gable roof. The small porches provided from south and west are later elements. The church façades are clasped with buttresses; windows, blendes and portals are mostly ogival. The eastern gable is topped with pinnacles and narrow blendes. Inside the aisleless interior, there is a Gothic wall niche and a fresco from the 15th century on the southern wall.

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