Krzyworzeka – church of St Peter and St Paul


   The church together with a free standing belfry was built in 1264 from the foundation of prince Bolesław the Pious. During its history, it has been renovated, renewed and expanded many times. In the eighteenth century, the gable of the temple was rebuilt in the baroque style and a ridge turret was added. The church was renovated in the early 20th century, when the roof was changed from shingles to zinc and wooden floors to the cement floor. From the south side, the sacristy and the porch were added.


   The church was a late Romanesque building made of erratic stone, later raised with bricks. The orientated, aisleless church was erected on a rectangular plan, with a narrower chancel ended with a straight wall.
   The church had an unpreserved, external defensive circuit, probably in the form of an earth or wood and earth ramparts. Nearby, a free-standing tower – belfry, built of erratic stone on a square plan, was erected. Its raw façades were pierced with only four narrow semi-circular windows.

Current state

   Unfortunately, as a result of rebuildings, the church lost its original style features. Only the original, richly moulded Romanesque window with a quatrefoil pattern is visible. The free-standing belfry next to the church is unique in the sacral architecture of Poland, a very rare case of a stone belfry erected as a free-standing object in the 13th century. It has retained its raw character.

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