Krzeczyn Wielki – St Mary Dominica’s Church


   The church in Krzeczyn Wielki was probably built in the 13th century. The first record of it comes only from 1399 and refers to the parish existing here. In the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, vast extensions and reconstructions were carried out. After the war damages, the church was renovated only in the years 1959-1960.


   The church is a orientated towards the sides of the world building, erected on a rectangular plan, aisleless with a separate and also rectangular, but narrower chancel. From the west side there is a massive four-sided tower built of stone. The chancel from the north side adjoins to the sacristy, while the tower on the south side has an annex with rib vaults, supported on the central pillar. The main entrance portal has distinct gothic features, unfortunately the windows have been transformed and enlarged.

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