Krupy – church of Our Lady


The construction of the church began around 1400. From this period comes a brick tower and timber framed corpus of the nave with roof truss, whose dating confirm the results of dendrychological research. It was a parish church, subordinate to the bishopric in Kamień Pomorski. After 1534, it became an evangelical church. Around the middle of the 16th century, the walls of the wooden part of the nave were bricked from the outside. In 1571 a ridge turret was rebuilt on the roof of the nave, and in 1583 a brick funeral chapel was added to the southern wall. In the following centuries church was renovated several times.


The temple was built in the brick gothic style, with a unique preserved gothic timber-frame construction. The nave is founded on a rectangular plan with a three-side ended chancel. The tower was erected on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 7,1 x 6,2 meters. It is four-storey, covered with a gable roof. Its upper floors are divided by double blendes, acoustic holes and simple friezes. The walls of the tower are made of gothic brick in a monk bond, with visible scaffold openings. The walls of the nave were originally built in a gothic timber-frame construction. Later, they were reinforced with a gothic brick. The church hall and storeys of the tower are covered with wooden and beam ceilings.

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