Krosno – Franciscan Church


   The Franciscans settled in Krosno in 1378 by decision of bishop of Przemyśl. In 1397, queen Jadwiga approved the conferment of land in Krosno to monastery, and this was confirmed by king Władysław Jagiełło, who was staying in Krosno in 1407. After the fire in Krosno in 1399, which destroyed the monastery and the wooden church, the Franciscans purchased from the city a quadrilateral area on the edge of the walls, between two towers, and built a new brick church in the gothic style. During the 15th century, the brick nave was expanded and the chapel of the Transfiguration was added. Such a church survived without major changes until the beginning of the 17th century.
In 1615, in the corner between the chancel and the southern aisle of the church, the dome chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary was erected, and in 1647 Stanisław Oświęcim, the courtier of king Władysław IV, added the chapel of Oświęcim family. In 1872, as a result of the fire, almost all the interior furnishings of the temple were burned. Its consequence was also the collapse of the gothic vault of the chancel and the destruction of the roof structure. The present appearance of the temple is the result of a construction restaurant carried out in the years 1899-1904, which resulted in the regothisation of the church, through the elimination of most of its elements created in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


   It is an orientated, three-nave building with a three-span chancel. The brick, pseudohall nave has a vault supported on four stone, inter-nave pillars. In the Chapel of the Transfiguration there are fragments of medieval wall paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries.

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