Krobia – St Giles Church


Roman cemetery chapel of St. Giles was probably founded at the beginning of the 12th century. Its foundation is attributed to prince Władysław Herman. It was renewed in 1440 by the bishop of Poznań, Andrzej Bnin. Another restaurant and reconstruction was carried out in 1605 and in 1802, when a brick apse was added.


The chapel is orientated, it has a aisleless hall and an apse of equal height. It was made of granite blocks with sandstone cladding at the corners. Apse is brick with an admixture of field stones. In the southern façade, there are traces of three bricked romanesque windows, a gothic pointed window, and portal probably from around 1440. The apse facade has a pointed window. Inside, the romanesque granite baptism font is noteworthy.

Current state

The northern and southern walls of the nave and a short section of the chancel walls are preserved from the original, medieval building. The church still serves as a cemetery chapel.

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