Krąpiel – St Maximilian’s Church


   The church in Krąpiel was erected in the 13th century. In 1945 it was destroyed and burnt. As a ruin, it was taken over in 1974 by the parish in Pęzino. Its then parish priest Władysław Jackowski resumed reconstruction of the temple in 1980.


   The church was built of 23 layers of granite blocks on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 17,6 x 12,2 meters. The rectangular chancel has a smaller width than the nave. A modern sacristy is added to the north wall. The gables of the church are decorated with blendes and pinnacles. The interior of the church is aisleless, covered with a chancel arch in the chancel.

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Webpage, Parafia pw. św. Maksymiliana Marii Kolbego w Krąpieli.