Kowalewo Pomorskie – St Nicholas Church


   The church of St. Nicholas in Kowalewo Pomorskie was built in the years 1286-1300. At the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century, it was extended from the west by two bays. At the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was thoroughly renovated and kept inside the baroque decor. It received the chapel from the south and a timber tower on the west side, which partially destroyed the gothic gable. Around 1900, the culmination of the eastern gable was rebuilt and changed to neo-gothic, and the sacristy was extended from the north.


   It is a small but long (13 x 37 meters), aisleless church, not having an outwardly separated chancel. The walls are made of a large gothic brick, enlivened by a row of pointed blendes between the windows and profiled crowning cornice. In the south wall, from the market square, there are two pointed portals with double steps, one of them is walled up. The gothic portal is also located on the axis of the western gable and in the entrance from the nave to the sacristy. In the sub-windows niche of the eastern gable, in the lower zone, there are traces of polychrome, probably from the 16th century.

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