Kościelec Kujawski – St Margaret’s Church


   Church of St Margaret in Kościelec Kujawski was erected at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by the Awdaniec family. In the documents its mentioned for the first time in 1362. In 1488, it was raised by the bishop of Włocławek, Piotr of Bnin, to the rank of collegiate. From the 15th century, it underwent numerous reconstructions: the walls were raised and supplemented with bricks, and from the south a renaissance funerary chapel of the Kościelec family was built, demolishing a significant part of the nave wall to pierce it with a wide arcade. During the Third Polish-Swedish war, the church burnt down. It was rebuilt in 1688 thanks to a grant from Zygmunt Działyński. In 1861, the wall of the northern nave was similarly changed, where a neo-renaissance chapel was built along the southern pattern. The sacristy at the south wall of the presbytery also comes from this period.


   It is a aisleless construction, orientated, made of granite blocks on a square plan. Subsequent rebuilding is brick in a flemish bond using the so-called zendrówka bricks. The rectangular nave has two bays and a square, four-storey tower added on the west side. In the upper part of the tower, biforal windows closed with full arches were placed in each of the walls. The rectangular chancel is ended with a semicircular apse. The interior of the church tower housed a gallery (matroneum) on the first floor.

Current state

   The walls of the building and the portal in the southern wall have retained their Romanesque character. In the presbytery, a late-gothic stellar vault from the end of the 15th century has survived, and a neo-gothic net vault is now visible in the nave. There is a Gothic crucifix from the 16th century in the porch.

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