Kościelec Kolski – St Andrew’s Church


   The romanesque church of St. Andrew in Kościelec Kolski was built in the middle of the 12th century. In 1600, the sacristy was added from the north. In 1760, the staroste Rafał Gurowski rebuilt the nave towards the west. At that time, an orientated wooden church was built together with a romanesque presbytery. In this condition it survived until 2001 when the wooden part of the church was rebuilt into a hideous, modern shape.


   The romanesque part was made of granite blocks. It is an aisleless room, ended by a lower and slightly narrower apse. Above the apse there is a hemispherical vault. Two romanesque windows were placed in it. In the old nave, there are traces of romanesque window openings and a large, pointed, gothic window. The original entrance to the temple was on the west or north side.
   Inside, in the western part of the nave, there was originally a gallery (matroneum). In the church of St. Andrew it was used, unparalleled in Polish territories in the 12th century, the entry to the matroneum from the outside of the temple, with the help of a ladder. Such solutions are known above all from the Czech area. From the north to the nave of the church adjoins the gothic sacristy with the treasury.

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