Kościan – Holy Spirit Church


   Church of Holy Spirit was erected outside the city walls in the second half of the 15th century. The founder and benefactor of the church and the nearby shelter were the municipal authorities. At the beginning of the seventeenth century it was rebuilt, at that time, among others, the western gable was transformed. In 1655, it was burned during the Swedish Deluge, it was rebuilt in 1698. During the German occupation, the temple was plundered and turned into a military warehouse. In 1944 it was reopened but only for German soldiers. After the Second World War, renovation began.

Current state

   The church has preserved a gothic shape, bricked in a flemish bond. It has the form of a small aisleless building without an externally separated chancel. From the east it was closed on three sides, with a rectangular sacristy from the north. Its external façades are strengthened with buttresses, while the west façade was originally decorated with a gable of blende decoration.

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Webpage koscian.pl, Kościół p.w. Świętego Ducha.