Końskie – collegiate of St Nicholas


The late gothic collegiate church of St. Nicholas was built in the years 1492-1520 on the site of an earlier, romanesque church. When it was erected, elements of the older temple were used, that is a tympanum with a cross, a sun and a moon carved on it, or a stone with a romanesque ornament visible in the wall of the tower. In the years 1902-1903, the church was extended, but in the original style and building material. The nave was extended from the west side, and a tower was erected next to it.


The church is made of stone blocks, orientated, buttressed. Its shape is aisleless with a narrower, rectangular chancel, with the sacristy from the north. The chancel uses a two-span stellar vault, whereas the sacristy is barrel vaulted. In the northern wall of the chancel there is a late-gothic sacramentary from the turn of the 15th / 16th century.

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