Kodeń – Holy Spirit Church


   Gothic church of Holy Spirit was built by Paweł Sapieha on the castle hill in the years 1530-1540. It served as a castle chapel for the needs of the family and the court. Originally it was an Orthodox church, then a Uniate church. At the beginning of the 19th century, the church ceased to perform services due to the poor technical condition. By the middle of the century, the vaults in the building collapsed, which were then reconstructed. Since the 1960s, it has been systematically renovated.


   The church is a late-gothic orientated, three-aisle hall with a semicircular, elongated apse as a presbytery. It is made of red bricks with zendrówka and placed on a plinth. The nave is three-bay on a plan similar to a square. The central nave is twice as wide as the side aisles, the presbytery is narrower, separated by a chancel arcade. From the north there is a rectangular sacristy, and at the north-west corner of the corpus a cylindrical turret with a staircase. The walls are fastened with three-curve buttresses. The facade is flat with a high triangular gable, decorated with rows of white blendes and Renaissance, multi-colored tiles and with a shallow porch inserted between two tall buttresses. Inside the church is covered with net and stellar vaults.

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