Kłodzko – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The construction of the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary began Knights Hospitaller in 1344 on the initiative of the archbishop Arnoszt of Pardubice, closely associated with the city. The church stood on the site of an earlier temple from the 12th century. Only part of the works were completed until the time of the Hussite wars, and they were resumed only after 1458. Until 1468, the central nave and the south tower, called the White, were ready. It was probably then that the construction works resumed after the next break. The construction of the northern tower, called the Black, began in 1487. Its height did not match the southern one, and its construction, completed around 1522, was brought to the level of the next-to-last cornice of neighboring tower. The construction of the side aisles was completed in 1490, and the chapel of St. James at the beginning of the 16th century.
In the years 1562-1591 the church was in the hands of Protestants, although the Knights Hospitaller kept the part of the temple for Catholic services. The building was damaged during the Thirty Years War, and its reconstruction and modernization was carried out in the baroque style. In later periods, the monument was renewed several times, but without major changes in appearance.


   The church is an example of a late-gothic sacral building with features that clearly refer to the Prague gothic style. The temple is a three-nave basilica with matronea of seven bays and three apses, ended semi-octagonal, heavily buttressed. The church has no transept. The main entrance is not located on the axis of the nave, but it is moved towards the south, it has a late gothic portal. Much more interesting is the southern portal from around 1462 with a ribbon cornice forming a tympanum. The windows of the aisles are richly profiled, the first of them have traceries typical of the gothic style. The windows of the central nave have been shortened by the built-in galleries.

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