Kłodowo – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The church in Kłodowo was probably erected at the end of the 13th century. In the fourteenth century, after a partial demolition, it was expanded. The next extension, mainly the tower, took place in the fifteenth century.


   The oldest element of the church is the base of the tower, made of granite blocks arranged in regular layers. Its thick walls were built on a rectangular plan to the height of the walls of the temple. The upper part of the tower was added only in the fifteenth century. The walls were made of field stones, the bricks were used only in the corners and window openings. It received a peak, characteristic for this period, in the form of a battlement and pyramidal helmet ending with a spire. The defensive nature of this solution is emphasized by arrowslits located in the middle part of the façade. Above them, there are two-part windows: one in the north and south walls, and two from the east and west.
In the west elevation of the church is located the main entrance portal, leading through the tower porch to the interior of the temple. In the middle of the southern wall there is a walled portal with a pointed arch and two-stepped jambs. The eastern gable is decorated with pointed blendes and pinnacles.

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