Kleczew – St Andrew’s Church


   Church of St Andrew began to be built in the middle of the fifteenth century, when the chancel and walls of the nave were built. During this period, the Kleczew parish was one of the largest in the diocese of Gniezno. Already in the fourteenth century, an elementary school operated there. In the first half of the sixteenth century, the western gable of the church was built. Vaults also come from this period. After a fire in 1788, it was restored. In the nineteenth century, a porch was added to the church from the west.


   It is a gothic church, three-nave, hall with a higher and wider nave and a lower and narrower, polygonal ended chancel. On the north side, a four-sided sacristy with a barrel vault was attached to the chancel. The presbytery has a gothic stellar vault, while in the nave, the vault is arranged in a net of ribs.

Current state

   The church in early modern times, from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century, was rebuilt several times, but some of these changes were removed during regothisation. Among others, ogival windows and the southern portal of the church were restored. Inside, neo-Gothic pillar heads remained, imitating the forms of local bases, and ceramic corbels supporting the vault ribs.

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