Klecie – arcade house


   The arcaded, timber house in Klecie dates from the mid-18th century. It was expanded and renovated in the next century. It was erected for Dawid Zimmermann, later, to the end of World War II belonged to the Wiehler family. In the 1950s, the building had a kindergarten, a cafe, and then a village center. Part of the building with a large chamber, arcades and rooms in the 1970s was taken by the state and then in 1991 by the municipality.


   Located in the center of the village of Klecie, the arcaded house is a two-story building covered with a gable roof, built in a timber frame construction with an extension supported by nine wooden columns, connected with each other by moulded brackets creating arcades. In the nineteenth century, it was extended with a hallway from the west.

Current state

   The house is now partly owned by the commune and part of the house is privately owned. Despite the late date of construction, it was placed on this site, due to the small transformations of the half-timbered construction technique since the Middle Ages.

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