Kłaczyna – castle


   The date of the castle’s erection and its founder are not known. It was probably built in the fourteenth century or in the beginning of the fifteenth century on the initiative of a private owner. It was conquered and destroyed in 1430 by the Hussites, and after the reconstruction in the sixteenth century transformed into a renaissance residence. The end of the Thirty Years War marked the end of its functioning, after which the castle has not been rebuilt.


   The castle was located on an island surrounded by the waters of Nysa Szalona river. It consisted of a four-story tower and a later south-east range, among others with a corner kitchen covered with a central chimney. The whole was surrounded by a perimeter wall. The tower was 7 x 7 meters. Its lowest storey after building the mound, became a basement, and the entrance was on the first floor in the eastern wall. Outer ward had dimensions of 17 x 17 meters with a courtyard enclosed on both sides by buildings, and from the north perhaps by the arcades.

Current state

   Although in the middle of the 19th century, the castle was in a well-preserved state of ruin, and even in the interwar years there was a part of the tower, unfortunately, due to neglect and lack of renovation works, only small fragments of the building have survived to this day.

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