Kiwity – church of St Peter and Paul


   The first church in Kiwity probably existed already in 1325, but in documents it was recorded only in 1335. It was then a timber building, which was replaced by a brick in the third quarter of the fourteenth century. Around 1400, the construction of the tower began, and it was not until 1420 that the construction of the nave was completed. The tower was finally completed around 1450. In 1687, the tower was renovated, in 1722 the sacristy was renovated and in 1791 the external façades were renovated. Once again, the church was renovated in 1862, partial reconstruction of the gables and restoration of the sacristy was made. The last renovation of the building passed in 1972.


   The church is an aisleless building, orientated towards the sides of the world, built on a rectangular plan with no externally separated chancel. From the eastern side, it is ended with a straight wall, crowned with a magnificent Gothic gable decorated with blendes and pinnacles. From the north, the neo-Gothic chapel and the sacristy adjoin the nave, and the tower from the west. It has five floors, distinguished by blendes of different shapes. The tower is crowned with reconstructed stepped gable. The walls of the nave are divided with alternate ogival windows and pairs of blendes, also the sacristy walls are decorated with semicircular blendes. The block of the church was strengthened in corners by buttresses. From the southern side, you can see the rebuilding of probably the original porch. The interior of the nave was covered with a timber flat ceiling, while the porch and the sacristy were covered with a groin vault.

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Webpage, Kościół pw. św. Apostołów Piotra i Pawła w Kiwitach.
Webpage, Kościół pw. św. Piotra i Pawła, Kiwity.