Karłowice – castle


   The castle was probably built in the middle of the 14th century on the initiative of the Tschammer knight’s family. Then it belonged to other Silesian families, and in 1565 it was bought by the dukes of Brzeg. In early modern times, the castle was rebuilt, erecting two palace houses in the seventeenth century and the third in the nineteenth century.


   The medieval castle had the form of a not very regular quadrangle. It consisted of perimeter walls and the main, cylindrical tower, erected from the south-east wall. Next to it was a gate, later transformed into a gatehouse building. The main residential house was located by the north-west wall.

Current state

   Up to now, from the original complex, three sides of perimeter walls to a height of about 6 meters, and a tower with the upper part changed in the nineteenth century, has preserved. The main castle house was pulled down at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, putting in its place a building with a chapel. Currently castle is in private hands.

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