Kamieniec – Corpus Christi Church


   The church of Corpus Christi in Kamieniec was built in the second half of the 13th century. In 1490 it was described as a branch of the parish in Moczyły. It was repeatedly rebuilt: in 1690, then in 1706 and at the end of the nineteenth century. Around 1890 windows over the southern portal were vaulted with flat arches of bricks, but with the preservation of the old form. It was destroyed in 1945, and then rebuilt in 1978.


   It is a building founded on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 16,2 x 8,2 meters, orientated, aisleless, with no separate chancel, with a tower wider than the nave. The church was built of granite blocks, arranged in regular layers. The tower, which was erected on a rectangular plan, had originally two more half-timbered storeys, which were destroyed. On the west side, there is a pointed, three-stepped main portal in the façade of the tower, there are also pointed portals in the south and north wall. The eastern wall has three windows, and in its top there is an oculus in the ceramic frame.

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