Kałków – St George’s Church


   The church of St. George in Kałków was built around the middle of the 13th century. The parish priest in the village was mentioned in 1295, the church itself was recorded only in 1300. In the 18th century, the chapel was added from the north side, and in the nineteenth century, the western porch. In the first half of the 20th century it was again rebuilt: this time the presbytery was extended considerably.


   The church was located on a small, fenced off hill in the center of the village. It is a romanesque-gothic temple built of brick in the monk bond and sandstone in decorative and construction elements, on the plan of an isosceles cross, with a tower over a single-span nave, transept and chancel, flanked by two annexes.
The walls of the church are lined with pilaster strips resembling a reduced buttresses, and the chancel is surrounded by a cornice. The massive tower is finished with an arcaded frieze and battlement. In the southern part of the transept there is an early-gothic portal. Originally it was topped with a wimperg (gable), preserved until today only partially. The preserved eastern wall was topped with a gable divided by three flat, pointed niches. It was strengthened by two corner buttresses, between which was an ogival window.
The interiors are covered with groin and rib vaults. On the northern wall of the presbytery, figural polychromes from the end of the 14th century are preserved, slightly younger, from the second half of the XV century, are located on the top wall of the southern transept.

Current state

     To this day, the medieval spatial layout of the building has been preserved, as well as all the major structural and decorative divisions (lesenes, friezes, ancillary columns) and the vaults of the chancel and transept, but unfortunately the eastern wall was demolished when the chancel was extended in 1931-1932. The west side of the church was obscured by an early modern porch.

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