Kalisz – royal castle


A brick castle in Kalisz was founded in the 14th century on the initiative of Casimir III the Great. In the sixteenth century, it was the residence of the dignitaries of Wielkopolska: general starost, the voivode of Kalisz, burgrave, and periodically also for Polish kings. It was expanded several times, for the last time after the destruction in the Swedish wars in the years 1726-1730. In 1792 the castle fell into disrepair during the fire of Kalisz, and in 1803 the burnt ruins of the castle were demolished.


The castle had the shape of a quadrangle, based on a city wall, similar to a trapezoid. It consisted of a rectangular, four-storey main wing, located from the north, within the city walls line, and a gatehouse in the southern side, constituting an entrance to the castle courtyard from the city side. The transverse, eastern and western houses, probably played an auxiliary function. The western house had three floors. In the fifteenth century, it was cut through by the opening of the second gate, leading to the outer bailey. The castle was surrounded by a moat.

Current state

The castle has not survived to modern times.

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