Jerzmanowo – St Hedwig’s Church


The church of St. Hedwig in Jerzmanowo was mentioned for the first time in 1316. The chancel comes from this period. The tower and sacristy were added in the middle of the fifteenth century. At the end of the 16th century, the southern porch was built and the tower was raised. In 1529, for over one hundred years, it was taken over by Evangelicals. In 1706 a new sacristy was erected, and in 1835, the matronea were extended.


It is a gothic, one-nave building with a separate chancel on a rectangular plan. From the west side a four-sided tower has been placed. Like the chancel , it is reinforced with buttresses. On the northern side of the presbytery there is a gothic sacristy from the 15th century, while on the south wall of the nave, a rebuilt porch from the sixteenth century. Inside you can see a rib vault and a gothic sacramentarium from the 15th / 16th centuries.

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