Jaszkowo – St Barbara’s Church


   Gothic church of Saint Barbara was erected before 1463 from the foundation of the Borkowie family from Gryżyna. In the first half of the sixteenth century, it was rebuilt and enlarged by the Ostrorog Lwowscy family. At the end of the 16th century, it was handed over to the Lutherans. It returned to the Catholics in 1622.


   It is a brick church on a stone foundation, aisleless, on a rectangular plan, three-bay. The two-bay, narrower chancel is ended on three sides. From the north, the sacristy and the vestibule adjoin. The nave has been reinforced with buttresses. It is covered with a gable roof, ended with stepped gables: with pinnacles from the west and with whitewashed panels from the east. The chancel is covered with a five-side roof with a ridge entering the eastern gable of the nave. In the south façade of the nave, there are pointed windows and a portal separated by stepped buttresses. A plastered frieze can be seen above the windows, and above the coronating cornice, a gothic exposition topped with a pinnacles. Inside church is covered with stellar vaults.

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