Iława – church of the Transfiguration


   The church of the Transfiguration in Iława was built in the years 1317-1325 in the Gothic style. Originally it was a monastery church, and its patron was Saint Nicholas. It also played the role of the main parish church of the town, and despite the fact that the parish was under the patronage of the Teutonic Knights, the real care of the church was carried out by local burghers. In 1550, a Gothic – Renaissance tower was added to the chancel, while in 1624 a porch was built on the north side. In the following centuries it was renovated and rebuilt several times, especially after the fires of 1706 and 1753 and at the end of the 19th century.


   It is a Gothic, orientated, aisleless church, made of bricks and placed on a pedestal of granite stones. It was erected on a rectangular plan with a nave measuring 14,8 x 20,2 meters and a narrower and lower chancel. A square tower with a height of 27 meters was added to the chancel from the north. It was decorated with plastered niches, shallows and windows of various sizes, and topped with a stepped gable. The whole was covered with a gable roof. Similar, steep, tailes, gable roofs, covered the nave and presbytery. The building’s nave was buttressed, and its walls were divided by slender windows with a pointed arch shape. The walls were decorated with plastered recesses, belts of blendes, cornice, as well as pinnacle gables. Two Gothic, strongly moulded portals from the fourteenth century lead to the interior. The interiors were covered with flat ceilings.

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