Gubin – town hall


   The first record of the town hall in Gubin comes from 1276, but the current structure began to be built in the mid-fourteenth century. The town councilors debated in it, and from 1335 the mayor sat. Over the years, the town hall building has been rebuilt many times. In 1502 it was enlarged by the late-Gothic east wing and a tower was added. In the years 1671-1672, the reconstruction took place in the late-Renaissance style. Town hall hosted in its walls such celebrities as: Sigismund I the Old, August II the Strong, and in 1712 the tsar Peter the Great. During the Second World War, it was seriously damaged and rebuilt in 1976-1986.


   The medieval town hall was a two-story building on a rectangular plan with one chamber in all floors and an ogival arcade in the ground floor, on the western side. The cross vaults in the basement and upper floors were based on a centrally placed pillar. In 1502, the building was extended eastwards and crowned with a stepped gable decorated with blendes. On the eastern side a slender, four-sided tower was added, with facades decorated with semicircular blendes, pointed windows and friezes. The two half-gables flanking tower, topped with pinnacles, had also a rich decoration. 

Current state

   The town hall, although it is now significantly rebuilt, gives you the opportunity to imagine its original medieval appearance. It consists of two rectangular wings, one of which is a medieval building. To its southern part is added a slender tower, decorated with a semicircular arrangement of blendes. The building has four Renaissance gables and one Gothic, partially covered by a tower. In the interiors there are Gothic basement and ground floor rooms with stellar and net vaults. It is today the seat of cultural and educational institutions of the town, there are, among others, libraries and the Gubin House of Culture.

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