Grzybnica – prehistoric cemetery


   The time of establishing the necropolis in Grzybnica can be determined during the period of Roman influences, that is 80-120 AD. Its bloom and period of the most intensive use, ends around 160-200/230 AD. It is related to the arrival from Scandinavia of the Germanic population identified with the tribes of Goths and Gepids. In Poland, they created the so-called Wielbark culture. They continued to move through Mazowsze, the eastern part of Małopolska, Podlasie, Wołyń, Polesie, and later Ukraine to Romania.


   There are 5 stone circles on the necropolis, 2 burial mounds and over 40 pavements and flat graves. The two largest circles have a diameter of 40 meters and are among the largest in Europe, two smaller by 13 meters, and the smallest 8 meters. Single stones were placed in the center of the circles. Circles were built of glacial erratic boulders, which were processed. All boulders in the circles were surrounded by small rocks at the base.
   The discovered graves were made in the skeleton and cremation ritual. Probably this is due to the fact that the newcomers were not a homogeneous nation, and consisted of many tribes and families, which differed in their rites. An interesting fact is that in both cases, no weapons were placed in the graves with the dead. In all circles there were remnants of ritual feasts and ritual ceremonies connected with the burnt and burial of ashes.
   Unique in the country are triangular burial pavements, occurring only in southern Norway and western Sweden. Stone circles in Grzybnica, according to contemporary interpretations, are cult constructs that, despite the presence of a cemetery in the area, did not play the role of a necropolis. It is believed that the circles were places of tribal gatherings, so-called things, and perhaps also a places of ceremonies and sacrifices.

Current state

   Since 1979, the site is an archaeological reserve, currently stone structures are fully exposed, reconstructed in damaged places and made available to visitors.

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