Gryżyna – St Martin’s church


Church of St. Martin was built in the fourth quarter of the 13th century on the initiative and foundation of Wojsław Borek, the owner of the village. Originally it was a parish church, and from the 17th century it was a chapel of ease. The last renovation of the temple was carried out in 1737-1738, from the end of the eighteenth century it fell into disrepair. In 1953, the ruins were preserved.


The church was an early gothic building, one nave, orientated, consisting of a nave and a narrower chancel ended by a straight wall. The temple was erected from field stones of irregular shapes, joined by mortar. Two portals, west and south, ended with pointed arches, led to the interior of the nave. There were three windows in the southern wall of the nave and chancel, the north wall did not have window openings. On the eastern side there was a single, pointed window.

Current state

Up to today, the perimeter walls of the church with a height of 7 meters have survived. Only slight traces of the vaulting are visible in the chancel.

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