Grudziądz – St Nicholas’ Church


   The construction of the church began in the second half of the 13th century and continued for a long time. Until the beginning of the fourteenth century, a low chancel was erected, then raised in the second phase of construction. The nave together with the tower and the first nave’s vaults were completed in the third phase, in the first half of the fourteenth century. A short break in construction probably took place in 1341 or 1345 due to a town fire. Probably in the 15th century the nave was raised to its present height and topped with new stellar vaults.
   From the mid-sixteenth century to the 1598 and again during the Swedish Deluge in 1656-1659, the church belonged to Evangelicals.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was rebuilt several times, which contributed to a partial change of its original appearance, however, during the restoration of the nineteenth-century, restored gothic character. During the war in 1945, the church suffered heavy losses: the upper part of the tower collapsed, the roofs burnt, most of the decor was burned. Reconstruction took place in 1946-1949.


   Church of St. Nicholas is a gothic building, orientated, made of brick pseudo- basilica. It is covered with a gable roof and clasped with two and three-stepped buttresses. The four-sided, massive tower merged into the church’s nave, is enclosed by a pyramid roof with a turret. The church tower was covered with terracotta sculptures from the end of the 13th century, probably from the Teutonic castle. On its northern side a stair tower was placed next to the facade. The church consists of a two-bay, polygonal ended chancel, covered with a rib vault and a three-aisle, four-bay nave with pointed, inter-nave arcades. The inside of the nave is covered with stellar vaults supported on octagonal pillars. From the north to the chancel, a gothic sacristy with an buttress was placed. The length of the church is 41 meters, width 21 meters, and the interior height is 16 meters.

Current state

From the original interior furnishings the goblet of the font from the 12th century is noteworthy, located in the central nave, granite, decorated with figures of dragons. Two granite stoupers from the 13th-14th centuries, located in the north and west porches, also have survived. On the inter-nave pillar you can see fragments of polychromy from the end of the 14th century.

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